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ShowLiss PRO Curl Bright Orange
[ShowLiss Pro SL18]

$198.00  $49.99
Save: 75% off

When I bought this in the store I had hair that was a little shorter than my shoulders. It really works well after you have showered and had your hair completely dried. It took a bit to figure out what temp and how long it should go for, for my type of hair, but I finally figured it out. I've always hated curling my hair in fear of burning my ears or scalp. This takes the fear out and makes it a quick process. Now my hair is just past my shoulders and it makes the curls even more perfect. The ones that don't come out good? just brush it out and redo it! And when you are done, just add some hair spray and you're done!!!======

I'd like to add that I have read reviews where their hair gets caught in it all the time so they returned it. I have only gotten my hair caught once, and that was because the amount of hair I put in was too much. So if your hair gets caught, it probably means you put too much in and didn't brush it out.
Date Added: 12/19/2015 by Marissa